1) Which of these animals can run 40 miles per hour?
a) a Rabbit
b) a Human
c) a Wolf
d) a Housecat

3) What animal did sailors think was a mermaid?
a) Narwhal
b) Manatee
c) Walrus
d) Dolphin

5) Humans have 7 bones in their neck. How many do giraffes have?
a) 7
b) 10
c) 14
d) 21

7) What's the biggest animal in the world?
a) Elephant
b) Blue Whale
c) Polar Bear
d) Sperm Whale

9) What is the smallest fox?
a) Gray Fox
b) Red Fox
c) Arctic Fox
d) Fennec Fox

2) Which of these animals is a mammal?
a) Octopus
b) Shark
c) Dolphin
d) Zander

4) Which of these animals live in the arctic?
a) Harp Seal and Polar Bear
b) Polar Bear and Penguin
c) Penguin and Arctic Fox
d) Leopard Seal and Polar Bear

6) Which one of these does not lay eggs?
a) Platypus
b) Echidna
c) Bat
d) Thorny Devil

8) Which family of animals are hyenas related to?
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Bear
d) Horse

10) Which animal exists today?
a) Hippogriff
b) Unicorn
c) Komodo Dragon
d) Griffin