Lion reflected in water

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Fill out this form to create your own story. Remember nouns can be a person, place or thing. Adjectives describe things and verbs are action words.

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Your Name:
A Friend's Name:
Type of Pet (Plural):dogs, cats, hamsters
Type of Pet (Plural):mice, birds, turtles
Adjective:silly, stinky, ugly, pretty, slimy
Wild Animal:hippo, cheetah, elephant
A Pet's Name:Your pet's name (if you have one)
Plural Noun:hats, flowers, books
TV Show:The Simpson's, Barney, Home Improvement
Plural Noun:houses, cans, trees
Verb:fly, climb, sleep
Wild Animal:Anteater, Kangaroo, Lion
Verb (ending in ed):jumped, clawed, pooped
Adjective:black, bad, stinky
Adverb:sadly, dreamily, sleepily