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Kids Outdoors

Skills and Knowledge for Outdoor Adventurers

by Victoria and Frank Logue
Illustrated by Mark Carroll

Water tastes better from a cold mountain spring than it ever will from your kitchen faucet. A hike along a forest trail beats a lap around the mall any day, and a night staring at the tube can't compare with one spent under the stars. Backcountry travel takes confidence—it's not for everyone. But that's the point.

Kids Outdoors offers eminently practical advice for anybody curious about getting out, whether it's for an afternoon hike, a backyard overnighter, or a weeklong backcountry camping trip. Written and illustrated specifically for kids from 11 to 15 years old, this 160-page book covers hiking, backpacking, canoeing, camping, tracking, reading weather and the night sky, first aid, mountain biking, and mountain terrain. You'll learn how to build a fire, keep warm and dry, purify water, practice low-impact camping, and cook great meals—everything a kid needs to start an outdoor experience. And keep it going.

Take the Outdoor Skills Quiz from the back of the book here.

A Ragged Mountain Press/McGraw Hill Companies Book
ISBN 0-07-038477-0
$14.95 retail

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